Cigar Review, the Elder Leaf: Liga Privada, No. 9 – aged 4 years

 Liga Privada, No 9, 6 x 52 – aged for four years.

I picked this Liga Privada, by Drew Estate, from my humidor because I had just passed a certification exam for work which was a pretty big deal, so for this review I didn’t take copious notes in each third of the cigar. I wanted to kick back and enjoy one of my favorite cigars which had been aging for 4 years. The celebratory occasion was worthy of this special selection. 

Details – 

  • Origin – Nicaragua
  • Wrapper – Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder – Brazilian Mata Fina
  • Filler – Honduran and Nicaraguan
  • Vitola – Toro, 6 x 52

Construction – 
Gorgeous construction. Dark chocolate wrapper, slight toothy feel. Visible veins and slightly visible seams. The construction of the cigar was absolutely flawless One of the great attributes of well constructed cigars, Liga Privada 99% of the time fits this category, is I could leave it alone for a minute to two between draws and then pick it up and it would continue to pour smoke without burning hot.    


Ash – 

The ash held on securely throughout the smoke for 1.5-2 inches. 

Burn – 

Razor sharp burn throughout. 

Draw –

Perfect draw, a slight resistance which is the way I like my draws. 

This cigar was pouring smoke from the head and from the foot and if you’ve had Liga Privadas you’ll know that is true to form. 


Length of smoke – 

This phenomenal cigars lasted just shy of 2 hours; but I nubbed it to enjoy every glorious sixteenth of an inch.

Pairing – 

Woodford Reserve on the rocks. 

First-Third – 

The first thing I noticed was that since it had aged four years all the flavors were silky smooth and refined. There was no bitterness and no heavy, or sharp feeling to any of the flavors. The aging process will mellow the flavors and the harshness of flavors will be smoothed out over time. 

The main flavors I picked up in the first-third were: earthy, leathery, nutty (almonds). On the retrohale I picked up citrus notes (oranges), and the cigar was just pouring silky, smooth, gorgeous smoke that would tumble over itself as it wafted up and slowly dissipated in the air. 


Second-Third –

Smooth buttery leather, almonds, cocoa, milk chocolate on retrohale, sweet on lips with a creamy finish. The cigar continued to pour smoke. I love it! Perfect middle-third. 



Third-Third –  

As I finish up the cigar I would continue to taste the buttery-refined-leather which was present throughout the entire smoke. There were also distinct almond notes, a little bit of spice creeps in for a short time, and more buttery leather notes brings it full circle on the long finish. 



Final Thoughts – 

  • Complexity – Multiple changes throughout the smoke made this cigar extremely complex and very tasty. 
  • Body – Medium to Full 
  • Strength – A little bit of strength at the beginning but quite a bit of strength came in right at the end of the smoke. 
  • Smoke again – Absolutely…if I can keep my hands off them for 4 years. But even if I can’t wait 4 years this cigar is a fantastic cigar. Unfortunately it’s not an every day cigar because of its price point – normally somewhere around $15-18 dependent on local taxes. 
  • Golf or session – Session, session, session, session. Need I say more? I guess I will say more…my opinion would be that any time you take the investment of time and great deal of patience to age a cigar you should sit down to enjoy it without a distraction of wading into a water hazard to retrieve your ball from where the chipmunk who ran up and stole your ball and then deposited it in the pond. Damn chipmunk. Enjoying it with friends or alone is your choice, but definitely take the time to enjoy the special nuances of the flavors that develop in a cigar from the aging process. 

“There are no bad cigars, just better cigars.”