Kitted Out – Office Kit

I tend to overdo it.  I admit it.  I have a stash at my office to prepare myself for most work related emergencies or sudden tasks.  I don’t expect you to be as neurotic about it, but here is a list of what I have stashed in my office, and why! I admit that I am fortunate enough to have an office for my job, and I have had a lot of long days and weeks the past several months.  These long hours reminded me of why it matters to have these sorts of kits ready.  I do admit that I am fortunate to have a job that provides me a full office and that my employer thinks I am competent enough to handle projects that may require extra hours.

I have most of this stashed in a drawer of my desk.  I have fitted the contents of this kit to the space I have, but there is lots of space left to expand.  I did toss a spare bar of scented soap in the drawer to keep the entire thing smelling fresh. I try to do a quick audit every three or four months to make sure everything is still stocked, but especially when I know the busy season is imminent.

Sartorial Components

Sartorial FileWhite Cotton Pocket Square

Yes, I have an emergency pocket square.  I don’t feel complete if the jacket pocket and lapel is empty.

Two ties – 1 black with grey and silver pattern, 1 yellow with blue pattern

Here are the two ties that I can toss on to complete any outfit with one of the shirts above. Black or brown shoes, any color pants, these should help me look professional if a last minute meeting happens

Spare eyeglasses

This is a pair one prescription out, but instead of tossing them, I’ve got them stashed here in case my current pair breaks, or I have somehow rundown my spare contact lens solution.

Lint RollerLint Roller

Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

I’ve had to repair jacket buttons and make quick stitches on pieces of clothing.

Travel Kit

Travel Kit (Spare tie bar, Cuff Links, Collar stays)

Okay.  Maybe I overdo it a little bit.  I still have them in the office

Stain pen

For pretreating coffee mishaps

Shoe Gear

Kit GearExpress Shoe Shine Sponge

No, I don’t use it often, but if my shoes are not shined for that surprise meeting …

Spare shoe laces

If you don’t change them often enough, they will break.  Be prepared.

Cheap Plastic Shoe horn

Maybe you had to remove your shoes to get the wayward pebble from the parking lot.

Grooming Items

IMG_2263.JPGDental Floss

2 or 3 Wisps


Moisturizing cream



I have this sample size of a solid cologne which means there is much less of chance for a mishap smelling up my entire office.

Disposable Razor

Running late, you may miss a spot, or in the winter if you have a pilling sweater, can help clean up the look.

Nail clippers

Chapstick or lip balm


My hair is thin enough, so I don’t really have much need for a comb, brush, or styling product but certainly consider those if you are follicularly gifted.


Eyeglasses repair kit

I have glasses.  They may need to be fixed.

Spare Contact Lens case & Saline solution

See above.  Sometimes I’m in contacts.

10 cellulose handkerchiefs

Because the paper towels from the bathroom are not always right to offer someone

Hand sanitizer

Ibuprofen or other painkiller of choice

IMG_3005.JPGFirst Aid kit

Yes, my office has full first aid kits, but I like to keep some band aids and gauze in my office as well.


Bonus Points

If you have the space, or the coat rack, you can consider adding these extras.  I don’t expect you to be as overprepared about it as I am, though.


Spare Umbrella

Sometimes, you just forget to take your umbrella with you.  A backup in the office isn’t a bad plan.

Two Dress Shirts – 1 White, 1 Blue

I may need a change of shirt if there is a lunch accident.  Perhaps I am called for a meeting and took this as my one day of the week to wear a polo.  And it let me put two more shirts in my home rotation.

1 Spare Suit

Electric Shaver

Yes, the spare razor is listed above, but this can be an alternative to that.  If you have facial hair, the trimming and shaping components are more helpful than the razor.


So how prepared are you at your office or place of work?  Am I overdoing it a bit here or is this just right?