MxMO – Perfect Symmetry Round Up!

mxmologoI am running a bit later than I wanted – my apologies; off line life got pretty busy. [Also, for the handful of you that I am having trouble uploading photos, I’ll rectify ASAP.] For October, Southern Ash hosted Mixology Monday – “Perfect Symmetry” As I described in the initial post:


Perfect symmetry is your theme this month!  A “perfect” drink splits the liquor evenly between two related ingredients.  The most common “perfect” drink is a Perfect Manhattan where the vermouth is split between sweet and dry to create an altogether different experience.  A perfect Old Fashioned splits the bourbon and rye are both used to create a singularly distinct experience. When done well, splitting the liquor lets each of the unique flavors and components of the shine through.  Because they share a background, they don’t war with each other but instead you get both the mellow sweetness of the bourbon with the spicy backbone of the rye in that OLd Fashioned.  The dry vermouth can accentuate flavors in the Manhattan you might have missed. Why make a choice when you can have it all?!

Your challenge is to create a new cocktail or explore an existing cocktail that splits the liquor evenly in a “perfect” manner.  Perhaps you want to work with the bourbon-rye split in a drink other than an Old Fashioned.  Can you challenge yourself with gin and vodka in a light summer appropriate beverage?  Perhaps you’ll delve deep into splitting Sambuca and ouzo in an anise flavored digestive? Getting bored with tequila, maybe a perfect margarita with the backbone of mezcal will reawaken your appreciation? Campari too assertive for you?  Maybe make a Perfect Negroni with Aperol lightening the weight. Let you imagination run wild!


So, let’s look at what came in from your experiments with splitting your components:


Vision of Division - TartinesFrog Princess at Tartines to Tikis has five (five!) drinks in her post!  She settles on the “Vision of Division” by splitting the base liquor and vermouth in the Joy Division from the Death & Co. cocktail book. This sounds like a complex but refreshing combination of gin, calvados, and vermouths!


The Muse of Doom from Feu de Vie gives us “Rubies” with a 7 part symmetrical split playing off a Parisian cocktail.  As always, a great story and write up for the drink is at the link.


Scott at Shake, Strain, and Sip calls out the “Feng Shui” that splits Canton ginger liqueur and Licor 43 with green tea vodka! A flavorful and intriguing drink that is a great entry for the Perfect Symmetry month!

feng-shui - shake strain sip

Elana at Stir & Strain goes for a “Perfect Hurricane” by splitting the rum with cachaca and showing the impeccable photography and whimsy of

Cute bird.

Cute bird.

garnish she always brings to the party.




Perfect Sloe Gin - Girl with FlaskJen at Girl with a Flask goes with a “Perfect Sloe Gin Fizz” by adding gin to the basic formula to balance out the sweetness of the sloe gin.  I have to admit this was an idea in the back of my head, so she gets bonus points for being indescribable wise for this MxMO.


Stacy at the eponymous Stacy Markow blog treats us to a Perfect Black Manhattan going straight to a classic but using Averna instead of Vermouth and splitting the liquor between bourbon and rye.  Now I feel the need to go buy a bottle of Averna.

Black-Manhattan-2 - Stacy

jollyroger - Spirited RemixDJ Hawaiian Shirt from Spirited Remix brings us the Perfect Jolly Roger.  He delves into the history of Robert Hess’ cocktail evangelism and a 1 minute falernum recipe to bring a touch of tiki to this round up!




Nancy over at The Bartenderess serves up a Vintage Vesper riffing off of James Bond’s famous drinks and inspired by Vintage-Vesper-1 - bartenderessClive’s in Austin.  This adds Old Tom Gin to the mix instead of barrel-aging (I may need to do that in the near future) the Vesper to smooth it out with some sweetness, honey, and vanilla notes.



Tipicular Fixins brings us a Perfect Between the Sheets, with a little cheat.  Using the already symmetrical Between the Sheets for a start, we get a doctored lemon juice to create a burnt lemon syrup.  I’m sold.

Between the Sheets - TF

Our illustrious chair (aka Herder of Cats), Fred at Cocktail Virgin Slut did a Double Daisy! Combining the Margarita and the Sidecar, both classic Daisy cocktails, Fred shows us how to pull together a fabulous cocktail like a pro with a BarSmarts garnish tip thrown in for bonus points!


The Swizzlestick threw together a Perfect Honeymoon using Calvados and Applejack to bring out the different sides of distilled apples with a flamedPerfect Honeymoon - Swizzle grapefruit garnish. Where can I find some bonded Applejack in my parts?




Andrea from Ginhound shows that Perfect Symmetry can create amazing variations on a Perfectly Perfect Chartreuse Swizzle!  BY splitting Every. Single. Ingredient, she leaves us with a swizzled refreshing taste of all a cocktail has to offer.

chartreuse swizzle pp - Ginhound

autumn-spirit - apothecaryDoc Elliot from Doc Elliot’s Apothecary used Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, and burnt honey syrup to create the Autumn Spirit! There is also a bonus Lillet reference and how to approximate the Lillet of old.




Putney Farms takes the classic perfect drink, the Vieux Carre and makes a Perfect Barrel Aged Vieux Carre! I am sensingcarre6 - putney a little bit of theme here on the barrel-aging.  It sounds like a winner where we get the smoothing and deepening of flavors from the barrel with the rye and cognac (or armagnac) in the Vieux Carre.




Vermouths - DagrebDagreb posting over at Nihil Utopia gives us the Bitter Sweet!  Taking the traditional use of perfect to mean splitting vermouth, he simply splits the Italian and French vermouth.  I have to admit to sitting down to a nice glass of vermouth on the rocks … and I have definitely found a new favorite to play with thanks to this simple and sublime combo.




Marius from Arcana Potions makes the Aviation a Perfect Aviation evenly splitting all the ingredients to this gin potion.  A great way to really delve into the the spirit (pun!) of the theme!

Perfect Aviation - Arcane

Camillos Twins - AbaraboveChris over at A Bar Above gives us the Camillo’s Twins making a Perfect Negroni in a blog post after my own heart! A brief history of the Negroni and “perfect” drinks gives us a complex and beautiful cocktail with a name going back to Count Camillo Negroni himself. .


I took a shot at making discordant spirits sing together with The Spice Road combining Rye and Reposada Tequila. I Spice Roadthought it was brilliant, but I could be a bit biased!


Thanks everyone for participating and giving us this wonderful round-up of drinks!  It is far enough along, that you need to go check out MxMO XCI hosted by Dinah at with the new November theme of “Shims”!

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