Falling for Autumn – Suits

Falling for Autumn – Suiting

Despite our average high temperature not getting below 80 degrees until October, I am looking forward to fall! (Yes, I know I missed posting menswear articles for the entire summer.  I am sorry.  Hopefully you got some good uses out of your seersucker).  We don’t talk about “trends” in menswear often here at Southern Ash. There is a reason for that – trends are often fashionable but not necessarily stylish.  It is far more important to dress well in a way you feel good about than worry about what the next fad is in the pipeline. That said, the wardrobe change to fall and winter isn’t so much a trend as a pragmatic shift.   Fit has remained, and I tend to agree that the revolution of fit was a sea change in menswear that we won’t see revert for at least another decade.  In addition to the desire to strip down the outfits to less complicated components, fall brings more serious and somber outfits.  The crisper air lends itself well to less frivolity than you see in the summer.  The darker colors used also fit with the color palette you will see in nature – earth tones, greens, oranges, and browns.

It is time to rotate the wardrobe and begin the change from spring/summer to fall/winter.  Now is a great time to also refresh your cedar storage if you don’t have an old school cedar chest.  Before you store your pieces, make sure to clean them either dry cleaning or a thorough steaming. I am going to focus on 2-3 pieces in different categories  showing you what I am putting into storage and what is either coming out of storage or being given a prominent role for the upcoming  season.

Out – Seersucker.  If I had more cotton or linen suits, they would also be going up for the season.  Traditional “rules” for seersucker have the season ending on Labor Day.  I will admit that if we go above average and hit 90 or over again, I’ll pull them out without hesitation. What will take their place on the rack?

In – 3 Piece Blue

I have been wearing this suit some throughout the summer because it isn’t terribly heavy. In the absence of my seersucker, however, this will take a more prominent role in my fall and winter attire. This is a classic navy color, but has a slight pattern to it.  It is a three piece suit so the slightly more somber and serious quality about the 3 piece fits with the fall and winter months.  The additional layer can come in handy as it gets cooler and I don’t want to mess with an overcoat.

In- Grey Flannel

I found this at a thrift sale months ago, but it was just too heavy to wear knowing that the temperatures could reach over 100 degrees.  Now, it is time to break it in.  The heavier flannel is a classic fall and winter look that is going to help keep you warm, but also add texture to your outfit.  In the absence of the bright colors, it is texture that will bring a lot of the visual interest to outfits.

Dark grey pinstripe

The dark greys have been in storage for the spring and summer.  They simply look too dark during the  summer months.  In a future post, you’ll see that I plan to use my black shoes a bit more, so the darker colored suit makes more sense.  It is also a faint pinstripe.  I have some more aggressive pinstripes, but they are reserved for blazers and making more of a statement through mixing pieces.  The darker colors, earlier sunset, and more somber feel of fall and winter lend themselves well to the darker greys.

What suits are you looking forward to pulling out of the closet this fall?