Falling for Autumn – Shirts and Ties

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Please enjoy this wonderful post from Joel DiPippa on his closet changeover to Fall and Autumn.

Despite our average high temperature not getting below 80 degrees until October and currently hovering around 100 degrees, I am looking forward to fall! (Yes, I know I missed posting menswear articles for the entire summer.  I am sorry.  Hopefully you got some good uses out of your seersucker).  We don’t talk about “trends” in menswear often here at Southern Ash. There is a reason for that – trends are often fashionable but not necessarily stylish.  It is far more important to dress well in a way you feel good about than worry about what the next fad is in the pipeline. That said, the wardrobe change to fall and winter isn’t so much a trend as a pragmatic shift.   Fit has remained, and I tend to agree that the revolution of fit was a sea change in menswear that we won’t see revert for at least another decade.  In addition to the desire to strip down the outfits to less complicated components, fall brings more serious and somber outfits.  The crisper air lends itself well to less frivolity than you see in the summer.  The darker colors used also fit with the color palette you will see in nature – earth tones, greens, oranges, and browns.

It is time to rotate the wardrobe and begin the change from spring/summer to fall/winter.  Now is a great time to also refresh your cedar storage if you don’t have an old school cedar chest.  Before you store your pieces, make sure to clean them either dry cleaning or a thorough steaming. I am going to focus on 2-3 pieces in different categories  showing you what I am putting into storage and what is either coming out of storage or being given a prominent role for the upcoming  season.

  • Shirts

Putting away – The orange check, the green stripes, and the mint/pale green. These colors are really suited for the spring and summer.  They are light and bright reflecting, especially here in the South, the sunshine and attitude of the season.  I also put away a few of the yellow shirts but these had better pictures for what I would be putting back out.







Orange – It is simple – orange is a color of fall and harvest.  This darker, jewel tone works well with my skin and seems to be the right feel for the darker days and soon to be changing fall leaves.


20130910-182428.jpgBlue Microcheck: This is deep blue shirt is enhanced by the pindot weave with black in the holes.  This makes it seem darker and slightly more shimmery look to it.  It pairs well with nearly any tie I own (that isn’t the same shade of blue) and creates that depth that is desired for fall and winter wear. The same style and model of shirt also in a deep red came out as well.


20130910-182416.jpgI love purple but I can’t bring myself to wear it in the summer.  This particular shirt has a shorter, more modern collar, and came back with me from a trip out-of-town.  The color complements me well and adds color without being too over the top.


Out:  Cotton and linen are fabrics for summer, especially in ties.  The seersucker falls into the traditional Labor Day season end, especially here in the South. In addition the diamond cut bow tie that is a kaleidoscope of colors doesn’t seem to fit the feel of autumn or winter. You can see the colors involved are bright and forward; you might call them “summery.”









20130910-182517.jpg Red Wool: With the seersucker bow ties going up and the cotton long ties taking a break for the winter, something has to come out of the closet to take their place.  This dark red wool tie provides the color palette and texture of a wool suit in a tie.

Grey Wool

This heavy textured tie may be more winter than autumn, but I’m pulling it out now in anticipation of chillier weather.  Side note for any readers who have not lived this far into the South – Our “winter” is much closer to your “fall” with a high of 50 and a low of 30 overnight. The long grey tie shows off a dark color with the subtle stripes in a repp pattern creating depth and texture for an outfit in the fall.


I am a sucker for a nice paisley tie.  It is a classic pattern that breathes a bit of life into otherwise boring ties and outfits.  This particular example is built around earth tones and plays into the overall look of fall and winter.  Using the light brown as a contrast to some of the darker.


So that is a quick peak inside some of the shirts and ties that are coming out of the closet as we head into autumn.  What parts of your wardrobe are you looking forward to wearing again as the weather gets a slight chill in the air?