An Intro to Vaping

My Personal Intro To Vaping

Several months ago I reached a point where became committed to quitting smoking. I had a moment where I simply was done with cigarettes.

I was then engaged to my beautiful wife, whom abhors cigarette smoke to the point that is makes her nauseous. Not to mention, my job with Phillips Management requires me to speak face to face with legislators and clients, all the while putting off the foul odor of cigarette breath. Looking to an alternative, I tried your standard e-cig. Those just didnt quite do if for me.

Weeks later I walked into a gas station where they were selling a $25 vaporizer starter kit. After the clerk raved about it, I purchased the kit and a bottle of 24 milligram menthol e-juice. I knew from my first puff that this was my ticket to saving both my life and my marriage. As a bonus, E-Vapor stores are popping up everywhere. Luckily, in Conway, we have a great store called E-Vapor where they have a flavor tasting bar, a knowledgeable staff and a great selection of juices and vaping kits.

A vaporizer consists of three major components; the battery, the atomizer (referred to as “heads) and the tank which holds the ejuice. Its quite simple, you fill your tank with the juice of your liking (flavor and nicotine level). E-Juice is very simple, as it contains either Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine (both harmlessly absorbed by the body), nicotine (in 32mg -0mg allowing you to step down), and flavoring. The button on the battery activates the atomizer (a coil connected to batteries, wrapped around a wick), thus creating vapor.

The setup is quite simple and affordable. The initial hardware investment is minimal, and the cost of the juice is nominal compared to cigarettes. You can even make your own juice if you’re into that thing by ordering the ingredients from a great vendor like Mt Baker Vapors. I’ve dabbled in making my own juice, which I’ll be sharing my recipes on here.

Vaporizing has many enticements, mainly smoking cessation. But for those of you who are moderate cigar smokers, and would enjoy something you can puff with in your living room or perhaps you are a non smoker and are looking into a new hobby while avoiding nicotine; vaping has something for you. For instance, at night when I’m craving sugar, I load up with “cinnamon roll” flavored juice and it takes care of my sweet tooth. If you are a smoker who becomes pregnant, a vaporizer with zero nicotine juice may be a healthy way to keep your sanity.

From here on out, I’ll still be smoking cigars and writing about them but I’ll be writing a lot of new content of my newest passion/hobby; vaping. Vaping stores are popping up. I’m sure you’ve driven by and thought “What in the world is that?”. In my opinion, its a rapidly growing industry and I’ve not yet encountered anyone who tried a vaporizer and did not discontinue smoking or drastically reduce their number of cigarettes smoked.

While information from me; reviews of juices and other setups will be forthcoming, if your interest if piqued, head on over to Grimm Green’s page and Youtube posts to dive right in.

Thanks for sticking with our blog! The best is yet to come.

Here’s a pic of a typical ego mod to get you started. We’ll get more in depth with variable voltage setups and high capacity tanks and “mods” in the future. We’ll also be reviewing some different components. So if you’re interested. Stick around and let me share my passion with you


  • Dustin Whitaker

    Very well said! I am in a similar predicament. Vaping has helped me and my wife tremendously and now we can be much more at ease when keeping our newborn away from smoke. Kudos, friend!