Bar Review: Ground Rules

I have certainly had some difficulties in posting the last few months. I could regale you with stories of how busy I am and what has been going on, but instead I am going to institute a new kind of post here at Southern Ash. I am going to start a series of Bar Reviews. While I love the Favorite Haunts posts, they take a lot of effort and sampling. This is hoping to be faster and, frankly, more fun.

The ground rules :

  • The title is a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to my day job as a lawyer. Bar Review, bar exam, get it?
  • Each Bar Review post will address 2 or 3 drinks at a local restaurants or bar. Yes, this does mean I can do multiple Bar Reviews on the same location.
  • If the locale has a specialty cocktail list, I will sample from the specialty cocktail list.
  • I don’t like coconut. I will attempt to have a friend or my inhumanly patient wife sample cocktails that have coconut.
  • I don’t like overly sweet drinks. I’ll try to have someone else give me input on those. If I drink them, I will try to judge them for what they are and not what I would want them to be.
  • If the locale does not have a specialty cocktail list, I will go with a few of the classics such as the Manhattan or Margarita.

 My question to you, dear readers, is where should I go and what drinks should get attention?