Seersucker Monday April 1

It may be a little bit chilly still, but it is officially spring.  In the South that officially signals the return of seersucker weather.  We discussed the prominence and importance of seersucker in the south, especially during the summer last year.

This year, a fine group of gentlemen have determined that Monday, April 1st will be Seersucker Monday. Jordan Johnson, Gabe Holmstrom, Grant Tenille, Ben Noble, and Bill Vickery have decided to not only encourage the return of spring with seersucker, but to do it for a good cause.  If you wear seersucker, of any kind, on Monday, they will donate $1 to the Arkansas Foodbank and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance. You’ll hear some more about the Hunger Relief Alliance when I talk about the Food Blogger Bake Sale next week.  The Facebook event described the Seersucker Monday for Hunger here.

To take part, wear your Seersucker Monday.

Upload a picture to Facebook or Twitter

On Facebook, tag one of these fine gents.

On twitter, use the hashtag #seersuckermonday

A lot of us are fortunate and don’t remember how many people in Arkansas struggle with food insecurity and hunger daily.  It doesn’t take much to help just a little bit on April 1st and you have an excuse to pull out the seersucker for a good cause.

I’ll be looking for more seersucker on Monday