Somebodys Getting Married

Okay, somebody got married.  You may have noticed a decreased rate of posts in the past few months, and that I even missed a Mixology Monday for January.  (Check out the fortified wines round up here). On January 19, my special ladyfriend and I were married.  Not long after I started posting here, I got engaged.  This blog wasn’t really geared towards talking about that, so I have never made a big deal of it in my posts.

It has been quite a ride getting from engaged to married and that was the priority for me, instead of posting.  I wanted to post this not only as a way of explanation for the fewer posts, but because of how happy I am.  My (now) wife was absolutely lovely, and I don’t have any shame in admitting to crying the first moment I saw her in the wedding dress. We had friends and family from across the nation join us in Little Rock, including a total of four generations of DiPippas.

I wanted to give a quick thank you to all of the vendors who worked their tails off and helped us have a wonderful wedding that we will always remember:

Bella Baxter Special Events – The planners helped keep us on track and probably saved more of our sanity than we realized.

Simply the Best Catering – They did a bang up job on the food, which as you can imagine was pretty important to me.

Jacob Slaton Photography – Jacob did our engagement pictures and has really gotten a great view of all of us.  He is a good guy on top of being a rather talented photog.

Tanarah Luxe Floral – She was almost as excited to work on the arrangements as we were to get married, and they added a fantastic touch to the entire venue.

Sweet Love Bakes – Kelli Marks baked a beautiful wedding cake, and absolutely delicious bat-brownies for my groom’s cake.  I cannot recommend her enough for your dessert needs.

Chris Raymond – Our friend Chris happens to be a talented artist.  He drew the Save the Date card you see in the picture above. You can reach him through his website here.

Especially for You Entertainment – Patrick is a friend of ours and he also happens to be a DJ so it worked out well and he helped keep the party going.

Korto Momolu – We were fortunate to have Korto make Amanda’s reception dress.  An all around good person who helped Amanda feel as beautiful as I always see her.

Kate Worrell & Melanie Bradshaw – Hairstylists at Chop Salon who helped take care of people’s hair (and who happen to be great people we are honored to know)

Christina Skye Lynn – Our friend, and half of Golden Skye Design & Alterations, is a makeup artist at Chanel Fragrance and Beauty (inside the Dillards at Park Plaza Mall) who helped Amanda and others look their absolute best.

Danya Golden – Another friend, the other half of Golden Skye Design & Alterations, who helped on some last minute alterations.

The Little Rock String Quartet– If food is one of my major sticking points, music is one of Amanda’s.  The String Quartet helped set the mood and make the entire event unforgettable.

The Capital Hotel– We stayed there as our immediate respite from the wedding, and they certainly made us feel special.  Nick and his crew took care of us and the Ashley’s brunch the next morning was a fantastic way to start our married life together.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has a write-up and gallery here. I am still cobbling together a good Storify to put up with pictures from everybody using the #somebodysgettingmarried hashtag.  Yes, we had our friends live-tweeting the event. A huge thank you to our friends and family who came to celebrate with us and help us begin this next stage of our lives together.

 COurtesy Jacob Slaton Photography

Photo courtesy of and (c) Jacon Slaton Photography

Finally, a thank you to my beautiful wife.  Before I met her, I was pretty sure I would never find anyone who would want to put up with my peculiar brand of insanity for a life together.  Never in my life have I been more pleased to be wrong.

  • Leapfrog With My Unicorn

    😉 love you guys…

  • gumby pippa

    Absolutely beautiful yu both

  • Diningwithdebbie

    Congratulations to you and your gorgeous bride.  January is a good month!  Hubby and I have been married 43 years as of Jan. 24.  

    Re: Food Truck Competition.  I am excited about this and want to do my part to get this rolling.  I’m certainly not a professional chef or fundraiser, but I have done my fair share of cooking and money grabbing.  I think we can get a good response if we do this in connection with a charity – No Kids Hungry perhaps?