Quick Bits

October has been an unusually hectic month for me! Sorry for the slow down in posting.  My side job is as an adjunct professor and papers had to be graded this month.  Four sets of friends got engaged and attending the wedding festivities was important.  I’m also engaged and my fiancé and I have to keep planning our wedding on top of it all. 

That said, here are a few quick thoughts to tide you over:

I plan to do a full write up later, but the Arkansas Journal for Social Change and Public Service hosted a symposium called “Food for Thought” on October 26, 2012.  It talked about the history of street food in America, the current state of food trucks and restaurants in central Arkansas, and food insecurity and social justice issues. Check out Eat Arkansas’ write up here. You can also search twitter archives for #FoodforThoughtAR to catch up on the live tweeting that occurred.


I heartily endorse Vino’s pizza.  I ask a lot of my students; I offer Vino’s pies in return. 

Rocktown Distillery’s new Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning is better than I expected! A great apple flavored liquor with just enough “pie” flavoring to keep it from being a straight fruit flavor.  I’m going to work on a winter “margarita” recipe for later in November. Get a bottle. Halloween called for a Manhattan.  It is one of the best winter cocktails out there. 


Weather is finally cooling down, so get ready to start layering up.  I’ll post about sweaters and layering later this month.


Big Orange has a new cocktail menu.  The Peat Rose is a wonderful winter cocktail with the nose of a peaty single malt scotch rinsing the glass.


I was at the World Cheese Dip Championship but now I am looking forward to the Arkansas Cornbread Festival Saturday morning! Info here.


I am hoping to write up HAM, Whitewater Tavern, and maybe Big Orange in the next month or two.  The winter margarita is kicking around my head as are the Mixology Monday events. Any requests for food, restaurants, cocktails, bars, or menswear topics?