H.A.M. For the Win

Hillcrest Artisan Meats is great.   This is one of a plethora of blog posts I have started over the past few months and not gotten around to finishing or publishing! I’ll try to catch up before the end of the year.

If you live in Little Rock and have not been to Hillcrest Artisan Meats, get there! The Arkansas Times already posted a review of H.A.M. I commend unto you to read what they wrote as I was not copying them and they did get a good write up.

The food is fantastic.  What Brandon makes in house is wonderful and I applaud all efforts to really bring a level of craft back to butchery at a local level. What Brandon can’t or doesn’t make in-house is still fantastic. For a brief introduction to just what to expect, you can get a sandwich from H.A.M. for lunch.  They post the menu every day on their facebook page.

Every sandwich I have had at HAM is absolutely stunning. The Times did note that the Mortadella was great.  Actually, they did not begin to do it justice; the mortadella is fantastic!  It is what eventually inspired our American Bologna lunch meat.  This is so much better.  The pistachios are a classic touch adding crunch and a little flavor.  It has enough fat content to really hold up flavor wise on a sandwich. The Fried Mortadella Sandwich is one of my favorite new things in town.  The onions add just enough twang or sharp contrast to mellow and meaty richness of the mortadella.  Get one!

The prosciutto sandwich is a delicious Simple.  Nuanced.

The H.A.M. is another combination that I heartily endorse.

I have yet to find a sandwich I fail to enjoy with gusto!

The sandwiches, however, are just one part of the story.  I mentioned above the butchery and charcuterie available in HAM.  This is my go-to place for all the purpose-driven meat purchases.  Am I making Steak au Poivre?  Guess where I got the tenderloin.  The cassoulet is an entirely different creature when you get some Toulouse style sausages from HAM.

I recently wrote about the Jamon Iberico that we had a HAM.  Spectacular.

The atmosphere is cozy with just enough space to have a bite with a few friends.  The drinks are similarly top notch.  I picked up the limonata for the Pimm’s Cup there. They also have the San Pelligreno Blood Orange Soda (highly recommended), Mexican Cokes, and delights to accompany your lunch.

GuancialeFinally, Hillcrest Artisan Meats is trying to integrate into the community and give people a place to enjoy themselves.  HAM comes together as a total package.  It set out to give residents a great opportunity to have high quality meat and bring the idea of a local butcher back.  It succeeded.  Along the way, however, it has transcended that idea with a hopping lunch business of exquisite sandwiches, drinks, and a full membership into the community.  HAM is an asset to Little Rock and you owe it to yourself to drop by as soon as you can. The sandwiches at lunch are usually between $7 and $9 so it is an affordable luxury.