Sport Coat Season is Upon Us

It is time to transition from summer to autumn wardrobes. The seersucker is put up until the insufferable summer heat returns.  The summer jackets begin to transition to storage.  Off to the cedar smelling world of out of season attire for these two:




Instead of throwing on another shapeless hoodie or sweatshirt, consider adding a tweed sport coat. If you recall the Summer Style discussion, my default summer outfit was chinos and a dress shirt with the sleeves artfully rolled.  In Autumn, it is trousers and a sport coat. The same way that we talked about brightening color choices for spring and summer, in the fall we want to add more earth tones and muted colors that resemble the color of the changing leaves.  The fabrics will be heavier and rougher so the texture creates a lot of visual interest instead of the color.

For fall and a southern winter, sport coats are supreme. From a practical standpoint, as the weather gets cooler, sport coats are warmer than other layering pieces but lighter than a full outerwear coat.  They are less formal than suits or blazers and can take some of the stuffiness out of your autumn or winter attire.  The heavier fabrics include wool, tweed, corduroy, and camelhair. You should try for tweed, especially Harris tweed if you can. If you don’t go with wool tweed, use that style and weight as a guideline for your sport coats; you want a “rougher” fabric with a heavier texture. I would avoid going after any of the poly blend “sport coats” offered.  You want one with more heft.

Tweed is the classic sport coat fabric.  If you find a Harris tweed jacket, get it. A good tweed jacket is the cornerstone of your fall outfits. You can dress it up or down to match it with jeans or dress trousers.  You can pair it with a button down collar shirt or you can match it with a sleek tie for a more refined appearance. These have their origins in the “sport” of hunting and country life so they look at home with a pair of jeans, but today’s cuts and fabrics also pair well with ties and dress shoes.

Consider Valet Magazine’s write up of some of the high end tweed options.

If you want to ease into a sport coat, several less expensive options are easily available.

JC Penney’s has a nice grey sport coat here. It is actually wool, and I really like the elbow patches.
Please note that the sleeves on that model are at least an 1” too long.  Do not emulate that.

Kohls has this one as an option.

Target, especially in the Odin inspired Shoppe’s at Target option has a few good ones.

Back to the more expensive versions – J.Crew’s Harris Tweed Ludlow is here.

This Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed is one of my favorites I found when pulling this post together.
Moving past tweed and wool, you can also look at corduroy  to give yourself a dressed down but stylish autumn look. The “wale” of the corduroy refers to the width of the raised ridges. JCP has an affordable and approachable option.

Primer Magazine has a nice look at fall styles and where to find the affordable versions of the high end looks. Check out the herringbone jacket options midway through the list.

What am I pulling out of the closet?


Hopefully, this has given you some ideas about sport coats and you can find one to fit your style and budget for the fall.