New Aurora 100 Anos to Celebrate 125 Years of Draper’s

On our last visit to Washington DC, we had our first visit of W. Curtis Draper’s Tobacconist, one of the oldest shops in the country. While visiting, the clerk told me that they would be releasing 4 cigars this year from 4 of the largest manufacturers; La Aurora, Padilla, Padron and Fuente. Perhaps the most intriguing of these releases are boxes of 10 of La Aurora’s 100 Anos Robustos. I ordered a box on the spot and they’ve recently arrived.

As expected, they are the La Aurora 100 Anos Robusto cigars. They come in a box of 10 and have been banded with a “W Curtis Draper”. The smoke confirms that it is indeed a 100 Anos, holding leaves of tobacco nearing 20 years in age. Harvested in 1993 and aged until production in 2003, these cigars are one of the most satisfying smokes if you posses the patience to give it the time it needs.

The 100 Anos (Cien Anos) is a finicky cigar, quicky getting hot and giving off an odor of ammonia if you should smoke it too quickly. If you give it the time it needs, you’ll be rewarded with pull after pull of complex, finely aged tobacco. The cigar varies from pull to pull, giving off a creamy nuttiness throughout this 5 X 50 robusto. This Dominican Puro sports a Corojo wrapper and a Corojo blend in the filler.

This could be one of your last chances to catch this fine cigar. With the introduction of the lancero line from last year, odds are the supply of this very fine tobacco is running out. A box of 10 will cost you around $100.