Mallard’s Bar at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock Beefs Up Cigar Selection – A Video Tour

A few months ago we got the opportunity to visit with John Kacur Jr of the Cigar Box, a virtual giant in the cigar consulting industry. Over the past few months the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock has taken great lengths to make Mallard’s Bar one of the premiere place in Little Rock to enjoy a cigar or pipe. This is the first video in a series from the time we spent with John in Mallard’s Bar at the Peabody.

For the next few posts, John will be showing us how to properly light a cigar, how to roll a cigar and he’ll talk a little bit about the history of cigars and the current state of the cigar industry.


  • Cigarinsights

    I love the “cigar club” style of offering cigars to people via a personal humidor where people can pick their cigar and just pay for what they smoke. I think someone in Portland should start doing something like that!