B-Side Nails Brunch

Vegetarian Hash

Vegetarian Hash

We talk about brunch a lot here and rightly so, who doesnt love brunch? It’s quite possibly the best meal of the day and “brunch” sounds so much better than “linner”, “drunch” or “lunchfest”.

As far as brunch goes, the term has become synonymous with B-Side, an unassuming little spot connected to Lily’s Dim Sum off Rodney Parham in Little Rock, Arkansas. It had been several months since I’d had brunch at B-Side, so this past Sunday I had the chance to take a friend who had never been.

We arrived at 11:15 to a surprising line of locals waiting to be seated. Although it was a minor inconvenience, I was elated to find out this spot was really catching on. After being seated, we began to (with a little guilt) order much more food than we knew we could eat. With items such as bacon wrapped french toast on a stick, Bacon Wrapped French Toasthow can you resist?

I began with the Eggs Benedict. The plate is the traditional eggs ben executed with perfection. The poached egg contains just enough fluff, the hollendaise has the perfect taste and consistency and is served over the perfect potato hash.

My companion, a “vegetarian sympathizer” opted for the vegetarian hash. The hash had fresh peppers and was topped with the same poached egg.

Having seen bacon wrapped french toast, we tried it as well. The salty yet sweet bacon complimented the firm french toast nicely. A stick made it pleasant to eat and ensured that we didnt spill and syrup on our Sunday best.

If you’re looking for more sensible fare, the Huevos Rancheros puts authentic chorizo and black beans over a slightly grilled tortilla, topped with two eggs sunny side up and served with traditional fajita fixin’s.

Their brunch drink menu is appropriate, featuring mimosas and bloody marys as well as a few drinks invented in-house.

With few establishments really paying attention to brunch, B-Sides nails it. The menu has plenty of options yet it’s not overwhelming. You can tell that each dish is unique and the price point allows you to try a little bit of everything. This is the perfect place to take a large group as most of the main courses are priced in the $5-$10 range and most sides are under $5.