Music Festival Fashion

music festival attire

by Corey Lauren

Spring and Summer music festivals are just around the corner!  Coachella actually starts today and this is my little take on what festival goers might wear.

I’ve been to Bonnaroo and of course Memphis in May and Riverfest…

music fest

Bonnaroo is not for the faint of heart.  Due to scorching heat, you decide how to dress by figuring out how to wear the least amount without being completely nekkid.  But, there are lots of nekkid people and no one thinks twice about it. People actually do lots of things there that you don’t think twice about after day two–takes all kinds to make the world go around!  So, if you want to test out the nudist thing Bonnaroo would be the place. 😉  I made it sound terrible, but I enjoyed myself.  98 degrees in a dusty cow pasture for 4 days = the best shower of your LIFE.

Memphis is May can be rough, but the other extreme.  It ALWAYS rains and you end up muddy and wet–never leave home without your rain boots, poncho, and a purse full of beauty products to touch up once you make it back to Beale. I’d take the scorching heat and 32 layers of dirt and sweat over being wet and muddy.

Riverfest!  I’m on the committee so I sport the white sleeveless polo for 3 days.  PS–there is an amazing line up this year. Check it out here!  Third Eye Blind AND Snoop D.O. Double G?? Helllloooo…

Coachella…ahhhh….everyone looks so glamorous in their boho/hippie/edgy/rocker/emo/hipster/urban looks.  Judging by the pix I’ve seen, I’m positive there is zero humidity, bright sun, and it is 82 degrees with a slight breeze.  I’m not sure why I’m torturing myself.  I shall live vicariously through my Polyvore creation.  *le sigh*  There is always next year!

Regardless of the weather, music festivals are my fav.  Any music festivals you are hitting up this year?