Nestor Miranda Special Selection Review

One of the first cigars that I was introduced to was the Nestor Miranda Special Selection. My local shop had ordered one box of Robustos and I think I ended up buying the whole box, one-by-one. I was immediately intrigued by this cigar. I always keep several on hand, such as the one that I smoked for this review which has been aging in my humidor for two years.

It is immediately obvious that the construction of this cigar is flawless. Crafted in the Don Pepin Garcia factory, it truly is a beautiful cigar. The wrapper is a rich, caramel Nicaraguan Habano Rosada with lots of fine tooth and minimal veins. The foot has a nice pinch to it, an early indicator of this cigar’s superb draw.

Light: There is a blast of wood, spice and pepper on the light. Each subsequent draw brings forth a different version of this cigars flavor palette.

First Third: This cigar is creamy, woodsy, spicy and nutty with hints of espresso and dark chocolate. These flavors are all perfectly balanced without any of the flavors becoming overpowering. It tastes of finely aged tobacco with white pepper and caramel on the retrohale. The salt and pepper ash hangs on tightly.

Second Third: This is an amazingly smooth cigar (possibly due to the aging). There is virtually no bite on the tongue whatsoever; its butter, cream, nuttiness. This cigar almost reminds me of (douche alert) the sea salt and caramel cappuchino at Starbucks. Its a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Many times with a Habano wrapper, the only prominant flavor is sweet habano. This cigar is so well blended that all of these flavors are perfectly balanced.

Last Third: The spice picks up quite a bit. Toasted nuts, sweetness and spice dominate the landscape.  As this cigar nears its end, the Habano sweetness picks up, leaving a sugary oil slick in your mouth, with dark chocolate resting on the back of your taste buds. I held on to this stick until the end, pinching it with my fingers to get those few last puffs.

Final Thoughts: In case you havent noticed, I’m quite a fan of this stick. Its full of great flavor and entertaining the whole way through. At $8, its not exactly a bargain stick but I think a five pack is a good purchase. Smoke one with a friend and leave the others to age. Nestor Miranda’s is a fantastic story of a young Cuban boy and his American dream. This cigar sums up Mr Miranda’s contribution to the cigar community nicely.