A Polo Plea for Guys – by Corey Lauren

Please do all women a favor:

Stop wearing Polo shirts in every shade imaginable.

I know your mom has been buying these for you at Dillard’s since you were 12, about to hit puberty, and you decided to transition from Nike wind suits into “manly” clothes.  Now you’re 30-something and have one for every day of the month.  Bor-ring.

The South is packed with frat boys fresh out of college sporting them, but you’re an established man now.  You’re in your prime, have a respectable job (maybe even your own place!), no longer doing keg stands, and it’s time to reconsider your wardrobe choices.  Do yourself a favor and keep the Polo shirt on the golf course or on the sailboat tucked into your pleated khakis and braided brown belt.

If you are opting for something more casual how about a slim cut, super soft t-shirt with a lightweight casual jacket over it?  While reading this if you thought, “she’s talking about me,” then I challenge you to change it up a few times and see if your girlfriend or closest gal pals take notice.

Go look in your closet and if you see Polo’s in ROYGBIV…please read the first sentence of this post again.

* Corey Lauren is a personal stylist with 12 years of retail experience.




  • Cigarinsights

    Great guest post! I stopped wearing polos a long time ago. Never really got into them to begin with.