1 Minute Review – Zino Platinum Z Class Corona

Having never smoked a Zino before, it was recommended that I try the new Zino Platinum Z Class Corona. I sat down, gave it a shot and here’s the bite-sized lowdown:

Dominican Wrapper, Peruvian Binder, Nicaraguan and Honduran Filler

Appearance: This cigar has an absolutely beautiful, light brown wrapper with a hint of yellow. The veins are unpronounced and there is minimal tooth.

Light: Lots of smoke immediately with snow white ash showing. A blast of sweet hay and spice.

First Third: Its draw is loose. The spice mellows to a creaminess, almost velvety. Hints of sweet hay and leather.

Second Third: Liquor and floral notes become present. Burn is sharp and consistent and the ash burns white. Flavors begin to dissipate closer to the last third.

Last Third: Taste does not change. The draw was bad and the cigar went out.

Final Thoughts: This cigar accomplishes what it set out to do: Its a predictable yet quality cigar from a line owned by Davidoff. If you’re looking to smoke something with Davidoff elements for under $10, this is an entry cigar to a luxury line.