New Release: God of Fire serie B

In my humble opinion of a three year cigar smoker, no cigar has blown me away quite like the God Of Fire Carlito, by Prometheus. I’ve smoked them all, the robusto, double robusto, pyramide, and Super Belicoso. Nothing compares to this complex, high-end, luxury stick.

When I heard the news late last year that Prometheus was developing the God Of Fire serie b my reaction was akin to a child hearing about a new video game. I got visibly excited and began to try and find out how I could get one of these! Due to a busy schedule and the fact that my local doesnt carry Prometheus, I still have not picked up one. So until I can, lets drool together.

The serie b builds upon its predecessors by using the same binder and filler. From there they add a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro to the Gran Toro or an Ecuadorian Sun Grown on a Robusto Gordo. The cigars are available in singles for around $20 but true lovers of this stick might opt for the Collectors Jar, containing 24 of these little pretties for a price tag of $576.

Still not having smoked one of these sticks, I cant exactly offer a review. Soon, maybe soon. I’ll bet $10 that you want one now!

Havent tried a God Of Fire Don Carlos or Carlito yet? What are you waiting for? You have to try this brand!