Casa Fuente – Now Available

For years I’ve heard about the Casa Fuente cigar, only available at Casa Fuente at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Obsessed with all things Fuente, I was literally shopping flights to Vegas just to go to the legendary Cigar Bar.

Luckily, now I dont have to. I got an email from Juan at saying they had gotten one of the first shipments of the Casa Fuente Cigar. Starting at $32.95, these sticks arent cheap but loyal Fuente heads will be eager to shill out some dough for something previously so hard to come by.

*I wasnt compensated for this post. I really do think its news that these cigars are now available.

  • CigarInsights

    A bit too pricey for me, though I wouldn’t mind getting a few to review. I believe a friend who just came back from Vegas has one or two for me. Can’t wait to check it out. :)

  • Chris Vaughan

    They are good but yes really spendy.  I had a few when I got to go in Casa Fuente at Caesar’s a few years ago.  What I missed was their provenance.  Do you know if they are strictly property grown tobaccos like the Opus?

  • Bradley Jordan Phillips

    I dont think these will come close to living up to the price tag but I still have to try one. You know, just because.

  • Bradley Jordan Phillips

    I’m not sure. I would assume they are but that might be worth digging a little deeper. Good question.