Buena Vista Tobacco Factory – Local Ties To Greatness

A few weeks ago I had the chance to catch up with Gary Heathcott at his Red Sky Lodge to talk about his newest venture, the Buena Vista Tobacco Factory.

After an afternoon duck hunt, Heathcott walked me over to a chest humidor and proudly handed me the 6 1/2 X 54 Sublimes. “That’s my new company,” he said with pride. “Try it. You’re gonna love it”. Later that night, after he and wife Booboo served the group their signature “Wascally Wabbit”, I joined Gary outside for a sniffer of bourbon and the chance to sample his newest offering.

The tobacco for these sticks is Cuban seed, grown in Ecuador. The torcedors are flown from Cuba to Ecuador where the cigars are rolled and sent to America. While I only got to try the largest of the vitolas, Gary was nice enough to send me home with a handful (five different vitolas from a line of nine).

These cigars fair on the lighter side of strength. The draw was perfect. While not a complex cigar, the pleasant earthy, woodsy tones were present the whole way through. While this cigar isnt going to knock your socks off, it will provide with an hour and a half of pleasing smoke. Its strength makes it safe to hand out to friends.

Find a dealer and pick up a few handfuls of these fine sticks.