The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #4

Becoming acquainted with cigars a few years ago I was immediately drawn to anything coming out of the Fuente Family. There was something about the robust style, tradition, and history of one of the cigar industry’s most relevant families. It wasnt until I tried a God Of Fire Carlito Double Robusto manufactured by Prometheus that I felt I had my head fully wrapped around the Fuente’s contribution to the industry.

There is a certain flavor palette that is present in any Fuente; from the 8-5-8, to the Opus X, up to the Anejo. Ive heard it referred to a honey clove, or sweet grass. Many refer to it as simply the “Fuente Taste”. No cigar showcases more accurately that “Fuente Taste” as the Don Carlos #4. This cigar named for the family patriarch, Don Carlos Fuente Sr, contains an African Cameroon wrapper and tobaccos aged up to 10 years. Having smoked quite a few of these, I can assure you the wrapper is flawless and they are as consistent a cigar as you can find.

This 5 1/8 inch by 43 gauge mini Belicoso features a prominent amount of tooth on a oily, caramel colored wrapper. The foot has a fair amount of pinch to it and the cap is uniquely wrapped for the smaller of vitolas. Sniffing the foot reveals the sweet scent familiar with Fuentes. Construction is not an issue as only the most experienced torcedors in the Fuente Factory roll this most difficult of sizes.

Although this isnt the most complex cigar in my box, it is consistently good from light to put down with each puff bringing pure Fuente. This stick will bring you a pleasurable mix of spice, hay, sweet grass and cedar. The ash burns white and the aroma is typically pleasing to non-smokers. The size lends it self to a satisfying 45 minute smoke. As far as box time, Ive found that I prefer these a little more on the fresher side as opposed to aging.

At a price-point of $7 to $10, pick up a couple of these and enjoy one with a friend.